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Dental Makeover

white-teeth-modelWhen dentists started utilizing cosmetic dentistry, it was just a matter of time before dental makeovers started to take off. Nowadays it is very popular and increasingly common to have a dental makeover.  There is a huge range of treatments offered by dental practitioners, from veneers to teeth whitening and cleaning. These procedures offer you the chance of aesthetically beautiful teeth.

Your cosmetic dental practitioner is an expert and cosmetic dentistry is a science with many factors only your expert can control.  A beautiful smile is the number one reason a person may wish to have a dental makeover. We all strive for a beautiful and perfect smile.

Celebrities are not the only ones today that can have a dental makeover, with increasing amounts of products available. Cosmetic dental processes are practiced by a number of dental practitioners, who use a wide range of procedures to get you the perfect smile you have always wanted.  The treatments available make your teeth look similar in length, size and colour such that they are all straight and uniformed.  Your dental practitioner will choose the most appropriate procedures for your budget and lifestyle.  A dental makeover should be just done once in a lifetime but maintenance will be required and patients are normally told a veneer should last from 5 to 15 years.  A good oral hygiene routine will be needed for the long term condition and care of your dental makeover.

Healthy gums are almost taken for granted but it is one of the important parts to a dental makeover, your dental hygienist will handle these issues with a number of treatments at the beginning of the makeover.  The quality of your gums must be in order before any cosmetic procedure can be started.  As well as the cosmetic part of your treatment all your fillings will be restored and any root canal treatments needed will be carried out so your oral health will be optimized.