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GloInTan utilizes Sunfx, Pro Tan, Jan Tana and Brilliant Tan spray tanning solutions.  The Protan and Jan Tana are more suited for bodybuilding competitions or fitness models, whereas the SunFX and Brilliant Tan are more suited for a natural look.

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The Sunfx spray tanning solution is used in more than 4000 outlets all over the world and is generally accepted as the 'de facto' spray tanning solution for an even, natural looking tan. Its widespread popularity is testament to the quality of the product; it is the spray tan of choice for many celebrities, including Paris Hilton.

The Sunfx solution contains no alcohols, preservatives or oils and is manufactured with water based purification systems that filter to a 1 micron particle size, helping to make the tan look natural and feel natural without that 'synthetic' effect.

Brilliant Tan

The Brilliant Tan team has taken an innovative approach in the sunless tanning industry. Their products are designed to work with the natural tone of your skin to deliver the most natural looking tan. It is manufactured from the highest quality ingredients and the DHA in their products are Eco certified which conforms to the Ecocert and NaTrue criteria. Brilliant Tan's solution is alcohol free, hypoallergenic, oil free, paraben free and is infused with anti-aging antioxidants which fights free radicals.

Pro Tan

Pro Tan sunless tanning products have been trusted by athletes all over the world since 1987.They make the highest quality competition products as well as sunless tanning lotions for everyday use.

Jan Tana

Jan Tana's Hi-Definitian colour is great for bikini, figure, fitness, physique, bodybuilding, ballroom dancing, beauty pageants and photo shoots.Immediate color washes off and leaves a dark sunless tan that last 5-7 days.

Mobile Tanning Solution.

All sprays will be done by a trained GloInTan tanning consultant at your premises or at the Glo studio situated in Benoni, Johannesburg.If done in your home, all that will be required is a small private area to do the actual spray tan which has a plug point nearby. The spray tanning process will take approximately 15 minutes per application.

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